About Endless Energy Ltd

Solar Panel Specialists

in Christchurch

Endless Energy Ltd was grown in 2016 right here in Christchurch from a trusted local company, Skilled Electrical. As it became clear that alternative energy solutions would be replacing traditional energy production methods in the foreseeable future, the company Director, Dean, created Endless Energy to focus purely on this Endeavour. 

We provide personalised solar solutions and techniques, and deliver these to every customer with our qualified team of electricians and solar experts.

We work hard to ensure you are given the right advice for your needs and lifestyle. A huge part of our focus is to ensure there is ongoing support for all our customers as well as ensure the right information is available to maximize energy savings and to ensure a good return on investment in your solar panels

Talk to our solar panel specialists in Christchurch about residential, industrial and commercial solar panel installations.

Our Promise

Our unique company propositions means each and every customer is promised the best service and maintenance that New Zealand has to offer:

  • A full company and product warranty is included with every installment

  • We set up a solar panel monitoring management system that is accessed remotely by the user

  • Quarterly email updates from us to assess system efficiency - from there we will fine-tune your system to maximise savings

  • We will interpret all technical information to you at all stages of the process.

  • Ongoing maintenance and annual cleaning.

  • We also offer the opportunity to install solar panel battery storage to maximise energy savings.

Our Mission

Our vision is to create a sustainable future with Solar Power, and to make the transition process for homes across Canterbury as seamless as possible. We are passionate about contributing to a world that does not depend on power from fossil fuels, and continue to spread awareness on the eco-friendly alternatives. 

We believe there lies huge importance in transitioning towards a cleaner, greener society - to preserve our beautiful country for the generations to come. 

Company Values


We act with integrity and respect in every situation.

Calm and Professional

We take our job seriously.

Problem Solvers

We work hard to find the answer.


It's our top priority.


Taking a light-hearted approach to adversities.

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