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Two people on top of a roof inspecting rows of solar panels.

Design & Optimisation

A Model of Excellence

Satellite image with a render of solar panels on a marae's roof.

Photovoltaic solar panels work most optimally under ideal weather conditions, but living in New Zealand may not always guarantee a shining sun. That's why we place importance on designing and modelling your solar panel system - considering environmental parameters such as sunlight hours, temperature, and building orientation.

At Endless Energy, we work only with Tier 1 products and the most reliable suppliers on the market to provide solar panel solutions to homes and commercial businesses in Auckland and Christchurch.


Every installation will include:

Our Connections

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Protection Against Variables

Optimised panels can reduce the impact of partial shading and adverse weather conditions. This is another way we help you to maximise your energy generation, and reduce reliance on the grid

Design & Installation Services

With both in-house engineers & installers, our team are able to provide real-world solutions that aren’t over-engineered. This gives you the maximum benefit, without the scrupulous expenditure

Accurate Reporting

Our solar technicians involved in the quoting process are able to provide incredibly accurate information on your projected ROI from our installations. This is key for organisations & businesses that need to be able to forecast accurately.

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