Frequently Asked Questions

For Your Information

How much money will I save?

When working with you, we will use a tool that works out your return of investment (ROI) from solar panel efficiency.  With enough information we can calculate it for you. It is also dependent on how much electricity you use.

How do home solar systems work?

Solar PV panel systems use cells to convert sunlight into electricity. The panel collects the sun’s energy and makes direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter changes the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, which most homes use. The inverter is a metal box connected to a meter, which in turn is connected to the utility’s electric grid.

How do I know what sized panel to purchase?

This will be calculated by our very competent team, and is site specific.

Why would I add batteries to my system?

Adding a solar panel battery to the system will help with night usage – less power will be fed into the grid which in turn will be stored and used by the user. Also, you will only be able to operate from the battery power if there is no power supply (sunlight).

What kind of servicing does a solar system need?

Essentially there will be no maintenance needed on the solar system, but like any other electrical installations, regular maintenance is important such as checking connections and cleaning.

Will the system work in very cold weather?

Yes, the system will work in all parts of New Zealand. In fact, they work even better when it is cold as the cells lose efficiency in hot conditions. However, it will not work if the panel Is covered in snow as this will prevent light striking the absorber plate.

Is it possible to have commercial solar panels?

Yes. Using solar panels at your Christchurch business can help save your company money while also being good for the environment. We are experts at commercial and industrial solar panels and our technicians can custom design a system that suits your specific industry and your energy needs. We offer a free monitoring system for commercial solar installations so you get maximum solar efficiencies and return on your investment and our solar panel specialists are always on hand to offer advice.