About Solar Panel Energy Technology offered by Endless Energy in Christchurch

Here at Endless Energy, we can cater to a multitude of solar power solutions. Within this, we offer the choice of a grid-connected system, as well as off-grid solar PV systems.

Read on to find out what system works best for you.

We are able to any job - big or small.

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PV Grid-connected System

This is the most commonly installed Solar System across New Zealand. Solar power is produced during the day, and supplemented through mains power at night. 

Recommended for any first-time-solar residential homes.

​Here's how it works:

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) Panels are placed on the roof of the residence - these should be North facing wherever possible for maximum energy cultivation

  2. The PV cells contain semiconductors which absorb the sun's radiance, turning the light into direct current (DC) energy. The panels are silicone, so they can even generate power on cloudy days.

  3. A solar inverter converts the DC energy into alternating current (AC) energy. This type of energy is the most common used with households and businesses.

  4. A service panel then distributes power wherever needed within the building.

  5. A utility meter is also installed, which tracks all the energy you create as well as use.

  6. Any excess energy produced during the day gets sent back to "the grid" in return for a small payment from your power company.


Off-grid Solar PV System

An off-the-grid system allows the user to function electronically without the support of any main power system. It is completely self-sustained living, and we recommend to those living in remote locations, or a commercial lot.

At Endless Energy, we understand that everyone’s different, and so we offer a variety of residential, industrial and commercial solar energy solutions in Christchurch and the South Island. An off-grid solar system is not connected to the main power source, rather solar power is stored in personal batteries for use at night and when the sun is not sufficient to generate power.

Connecting a PV system to batteries makes sense for some people – those who wish to live completely self-sustainably; those in remote locations where grid power is difficult to access; and those using significant amounts of power daily (i.e. on farmland, commercial). However, batteries can add significant cost to a system installment and require a level of maintenance that would be unattractive to most ordinary homeowners.