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A hand holding a phone with analytical graphs on the screen.

Monitoring & Analysis


A laptop and phone running FusionSolar software.

Our state-of-the-art Huawei inverters come with FusionSolar, a software monitoring system. FusionSolar connects to your home or business Wi-Fi and analyses your solar system's energy production, load, and grid needs. Our experts will provide tailored feedback to better help you optimise your system for maximum efficiency. We keep track of all our projects and are instantly notified if there is an issue with your system. Our installers can remotely plugin to resolve any problems.


A laptop and phone running iSolarCloud software.

Our Sungrow inverters use iSolarCloud to manage the solar energy system. The cloud-based software provides real-time monitoring, analytics tools, and management features such as alerts and notifications when maintenance is required.

ISolarCloud’s analytic tools help businesses understand their energy usage patterns and make informed decisions about how to use their solar energy more efficiently. This can help to reduce energy costs and improve the return on investment for the solar energy system.

With this software, businesses can monitor the performance of their solar panels and track their energy production, storage, and distribution in real time. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement and make changes to optimize the performance of the system.

Real-Time Solar Panel Performance Monitoring

Endless Energy also offers the complimentary service of continuous performance monitoring; we access data provided by your system and provide you with a tailored report on the efficiency, whilst delivering our expert recommendation on appropriate changes.

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Our Monitoring Services

Intuitive software

Both of our monitoring softwares are intuitive to use offering an excellent user experience

Remote Access

Access and monitor your system remotely from anywhere around the world on any device

Maximise system efficiency

​Our experts provide tailored feedback to better help you optimise your system for maximum energy efficiency

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