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Is NZ's future solar energy?

Updated: Feb 23

Here in NZ, our climate and predicted sunlight hours present a unique opportunity to be at the global forefront of renewable electric power. With the price of electricity now being 79% higher than in 1990, it seems that Kiwis are paying more and more and more, for exactly the same thing.

At Endless Energy, we have seen this trend and have put hours of research into the best power options for Kiwis moving forward – leading us to the beauty of solar power. Below we will outline a few key reasons as to why the future is solar energy, and why we think everybody is a good candidate.

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Sunrise over a lake reflecting the sky's red, orange and yellow colours

So why go solar?

The Minister of Energy and Resources states that nearly one-third of all NZ households struggle to pay their power bills, and recently electricity prices have risen much faster than other well-developed countries and will continue to do so. Solar energy is a sustainable resource that will never be depleted (as long as the sun still shines!). Correctly developing and implementing solar power technologies mitigates the risk of energy shortages and negative environmental issues that future generations will experience. It is one of the cleanest sources of power, as solar panels convert the infinitely renewable energy of the sun directly into energy, with no by-products, no toxins, no effects on the environment whatsoever. The New Zealand government has projected that prices in traditional electricity are expected to rise, while the cost of wind, solar, and battery technology is likely to keep falling (New Zealand Government, 2018, p. 24), so here lies an awesome opportunity to get in early and start saving.

The New Zealand Government released a 2018/2019 Electricity Price Review in August, stating that advances in solar panels and batteries will soon turn today's one-way power system (from power supplier to customer) into a two-way flow between each party (New Zealand Government, 2018, p. 6). Think of your current power generator as a taker – your house gets given power from “the grid” where all electricity comes from, and you pay the price for that in your bills. If you have a hot water cylinder or appliances that run continuously, then you will be always taking power from this grid. Installing solar panels at your home can change this significantly – you become a producer of power yourself which your generator taps into and uses. If your system is grid-connected, any power you have created with your panels that isn’t used gets sent back to the grid, which you get paid for.

At Endless Energy, powered by Skilled Electrical, we can help map out if you are an ideal candidate for solar power with a no-obligation site visit and quote for the initial investment needed to install panels. Making the switch to a greener, cleaner lifestyle can seem scary at first, but a small investment today in the ability of solar means a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly future for both you and your generations to come.



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