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Two people handling a solar panel on top of a roof.

The Installation Process

At Endless Energy Ltd, we understand that installation alone is only a fraction of what needs to be done to maintain an efficient, cost-effective system that will return your investment in the given time frame. That's why we promise to provide quarterly updates on your solar system's performance throughout the lifetime of the system, to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Installing a personalised solar panel system with the correct surveillance is the best decision for long-term savings - both in energy and costs. The quality of our products, services, advice and ongoing management make us an ideal partner to work alongside on your solar journey.

1. Short Discussion

Once you decide to make the solar switch, we will have a short discussion with you about your property, current energy use, and roof type to help estimate a quote.

2. Site Visit

At an arranged date we will meet at your property to map out the work site and gather data for the installation, as well as inspect the infrastructure.

3. Quote

All of our customers will receive a free, no-obligation quote. We are able to assist all our customers with financing options - so you are able to start saving ASAP.

4. Installation

Using data collected during the on-site-evaluation, we will design and create a customised solar system specifically for your home or property. We will then have our specialised solar team install it.

5. Advice and Training

Once installed, we will offer you a full runthrough of your system, as well as tips and tricks to maximise power production and savings. We believe this step is crucial for an efficient system that will maximise your return on investment.

6. Monitoring

We include system monitoring with every install. This technology allows your to accurately monitor your solar system; providing real-time updates and sent straight to your Smartphone through an app. We will also offer quarterly email reports on the system, as well as annual cleaning.

Solar Panels are a smart first step toward a sustainable lifestyle, and last decades to come. That's why a good relationship with a great installer is an investment with big pay-offs.

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