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94kW Ground Mount Solar Nestled Amongst NZs Native Bush

We have installed a ground mount solar installation for a client. The 94kW system is in the heart of Aotearoa's stunning Banks Peninsula landscape.


This installation embraces a spirit of self-reliance and environmental stewardship. This installation for a private residency, is possibly the biggest residential solar installation in New Zealand. 


Read on to learn more about how solar can benefit not only the owner but the future of Aotearoa, NZ.


Getting Our Client Gross-Zero

Through solar, property owners are finding a newfound sense of energy freedom. Our client, passionate about sustainability, desired a gross-zero electrical system. Our in-depth analysis and accurate data allowed us to explore solar options. From there, the client chose a ground mount system to maximise solar production.

Why Ground Mount Solar Power?

The property for this installation featured a copper architectural roof. As a result, roof installation wasn't an option on account of potential damage to this feature. The client had plenty of north-west facing grassy banks, perfect for a ground mount system. These systems are more flexible, allowing us to position the panels for the best sun exposure. In turn, maximising energy production for our client, getting them closer to gross-zero.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

This system was designed and supplied by an offshore consultant engineer, and Endless Energy was initially engaged as installers only. As the project developed, however, our design team stepped in to ensure the installation was compliant with national standards.


The original ground mount frame ordered by the consultant engineer was not suitable for the local environment and regulations. The frames that we supplied required modification and recertification, due to there being nothing on the market that met our clients’ visual requirements. The containerised inverter and battery weren’t certified for use in New Zealand. We re-engineered these to be fit for purpose.

Our client also wished for the panel array not to obstruct the ocean view from their viewing deck. This was achieved by trenching terraces to lower the panels down. There was a level of complexity to this installation many other solar providers would shy away from. At Endless, however, our team have the engineering capacity and expertise to find solutions.

Energy Freedom Through Solar in Christchurch

Through this installation, our client achieves self-reliance. The off-grid lifestyle is one that appeals to many Kiwis in remote areas. Many consumers face fluctuating power costs and unplanned outages. No longer tethered to the grid, our client gains resilience against these factors.

The Bigger Picture for Aotearoa

With its scenic location, this installation embodies the synergy technology can have with nature. By harnessing the sun's limitless energy, our client reduces their emissions. They're preserving the very environment their property situates within. Installing solar has a knock-on effect also. With the size of their system, our client can export energy and support grid stability in their area. Our clients are part of the bigger picture of creating a greener, more hopeful Aotearoa.

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