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Mobile Solar Lighting System – by Innovative Christchurch Companies

As the world starts to embrace renewable energies, we are partnering with local companies to deliver solar solutions. Our team of solar installation experts have partnered with Christchurch-based company VIP Structural Steel. Together, we’ve developed an innovative mobile solar lighting system container.

Shipping container with solar panels and floor lights on the side.

What We’ve Created

Endless Energy has developed a mobile solar lighting solution. We’ve worked with a partner company, VIP Structural Steel, to create a bespoke container frame system. This supports host lights, solar panels, an inverter and full controls.

The result is a 6.66kW battery solar system. It’s capable of emitting 43,000 lumens of light for up to 24hrs. This item is highly versatile for both commercial and industrial use. It can be used for roadworks, lighting in remote areas, storage yards or outdoor sports and recreation. The system’s components sit neatly within the container, with plenty of room for extra storage.

Our Bespoke Components

The strength of shipping containers resides in their maritime-grade corten steel walls. Our design required the panels to be recessed into the sides of the container. This impaired the structural integrity of the unit.


We partnered with VIP Structural Steel. They provided us with a structurally engineered custom frame for the container. This ensured the strength of the unit remained uncompromised. We were able to work closely with VIP Steel on all sizing and technical specifications required.

The container now hosts 18 LG 370W solar panels on its exterior. Panels are fitted flush, with a rubber cushion to prevent damage during movement.  The interior walls are insulated to prevent electrical hazards.

Shipping container with solar panels on the side.

Solar-Powered Light at Your Fingertips

Inside, a complex array of technology processes the solar energy gathered. A 5kW inverter converts solar energy into usable power. We’ve used a 10kWg lithium battery for energy storage. This energy is channelled into two IP66 floodlights.

The lights switch on automatically overnight as movement is detected. The system provides a minimum of 8hrs lighting per each 24-hour period. The unit can be connected to the grid or a generator during reduced sun exposure periods. 

Remote monitoring is achieved using a 4G wireless router. This cellular connection also provides system fault alerts. The router also allows remote setting changes to reduce site visits. The metal container would degrade signal strength, so this item is mounted externally. There's capacity for the addition of CCTV cameras, providing surveillance options.

Utilising Expertise for Bespoke, Engineered Solar Solutions

Merging our electrical expertise with VIP’s industrial capacities, we’ve created a bespoke solar solution within a purpose-built container. This project demonstrates the strength of both our connections and our engineering capacity.


We can provide solutions to clients that are fit for purpose and fully optimised. We also ensure that systems like this are low maintenance, giving clients a range of benefits with minimal effect on their operations. We love seeing clients transform their business through renewables, becoming leaders in their industry. 

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