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Ngā Hau e Whā National Marae

Birds-eye view of a marae solar installation.

Ngā Hua e Whā translates to “The Four Winds”. It’s a national marae, with the name signalling it as a meeting place for all people. In 2022, Endless Energy installed a 200kW capacity solar system on their Wharenui. Solar presented a means for channelling more resources back into their community work. This is their story.

As a community hub, being able to reduce expenses and feed resources back into the community is key. Furthermore, the marae wanted to build resilience in the face of natural disasters. Solar presented a solution for their requirements. Endless Energy was able to plan, design and install a solar system custom to their needs

Endless Energy provided a custom solar system solution for Ngā Hua e Whā, the largest marae in the Southern Hemisphere located in Bromley, Christchurch. 352 of Yingli’s 545 Watt monocrystalline solar panels were installed on site, which are processed by two Huawei 100kW solar grid tie inverters. This system allows the marae to utilize solar energy during peak use hours, providing cost savings and greater resilience during natural disasters.


The installation offers two main benefits: cost savings and greater resilience during natural disasters. The cost savings from the solar system will enable the marae to feed more resources back into the community. Additionally, the installation will provide greater resilience during natural disasters. In the past, the marae has acted as a community hub and hosted government agencies during significant emergency events, such as the Christchurch earthquakes.


Endless Energy successfully delivered the project on time and on budget, with a seamless installation process. In the future, the marae plans to add a 200kW battery to enhance load support and explore additional benefits through metering and micro-grid solutions. Our commitment to partnering with clients, in the long run, is evident through our passion for delivering customised and optimised solar projects.


Overall, the solar system installation at Ngā Hua e Whā is a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the marae and the local community it serves

Key stats:

  • Up to 1400kWh of solar power produced every day

  • Approximately 64% of total energy is sourced from solar

  • $1,600 average monthly savings with solar and battery storage

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